Charcoal Grill VS Gas Grill

Two natural resources – coal and propane – go head to head with the debate of whether the charcoal grill or the gas grill is better for grilling. Since the creation of the first gas grills, the debate between the two has been raging on and meat flippers across the world have yet to reach a conclusion. This is mainly because there can be no unbiased competition between the two as this decision is mainly subjective and built upon personal taste. Let us walk you through the main differences between the two grills after which you can go to the store, try one out for yourself, and see what works for you.


Oh, what a hassle charcoal grills are to deal with. But for some, this long grilling journey is all that makes it fun, and of course the finished food comes later on too. Those who are still vouching for charcoal grills admit that it is difficult and time consuming to work with as it requires more pre-grilling preparation (setting fire to the coal, waiting for it to catch sufficient flame, etc.) and more post-grilling cleaning (the grill and the space it is in needs a lot of tidying). However, they revel in the fact that the process allows them to enjoy other conventional things about the gathering such as the conversation and the vibes during the wait.

If the extra preparation and cleaning up work stresses you out then there is always the efficiently designed, neater gas grills to back you up. Gas grills require less maintenance and make for a hassle free, cleaner, and faster barbeque. The best gas grills can provide you with the same ease and convenience as a regular in-home kitchen appliance so that you can slap on some steaks on the grill first thing after getting home from work and enjoy a nice, comfortable meal afterwards.


It is not a secret that charcoal grills, although arguably unhealthy, give off smoke which accounts for the traditional smoky flavor of grilled steaks, hamburgers, and vegetables. Barbeque enthusiasts revel in this flavor and some say that it is what the best outcome of grilling is.

However, in terms of taste there is really not a huge difference between the gas and charcoal grills. Some users say that the smoky flavor in gas grills is a little subdued but it is nothing that a first time user will even notice. What matters is which features you are comfortable with and which compromises you are ready to make for those features.


The final decider, your budget will ultimately maneuver you towards the grill you want to buy. If you are on a tight budget than gas grills hq can help you in purchasing the gas grill according to your budget.  The issue of cost is two-fold; the cost of the grill itself, and the cost of the fuel it requires. A gas grill is generally more expensive than a charcoal grill. However, keep in mind that purchasing coal would be more costly than propane.

We hope that this breakdown of the differences between charcoal and gas grills helped you make your mind up about which grill you’d like in your yard.

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